Energy Drinks

The best energy drinks info on the net. Energy Drinks have become part of our culture. Long gone are the days of only having only coffee as an option. Today the Energy drink industry is absolutely massive. More and more people are making the switch from coffee to energy drinks. 2 popular energy drink brands are Monster and Redbull but their are literally hundreds if not thousands of choices available.

Energy drinks have evolved over the years. Pharmacists used to control much of the market and many of the energy drinks available were sold in a medicine type of bottle. This trend still continues in Asia where Lipovitan and the original Red Bull dominate selling doses in small brown bottles.

In 2001 the energy drink market started to gain steam in the U.S. Yearly sales were around $8 Million and grew at an annual rate of 50%! By 2005 energy drinks were bringing in $3 Billion! Talk about rapid growth.

The Energy Drinks industry growth has been far from smooth as many countries have banned or attempted to ban these drinks. Even though the caffeine levels are normally less than a cup of coffee the targeted age group is what many of these lawmakers are using in their fight.


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